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To the guys of Ghost Adventures, a disclaimer of sorts. I do love you guys. I enjoy the show, it’s just that you’re such an easy target.IMG_9990 Ghost hunting is an interesting concept but these type of shows have a tendency to get – (and hear I go again pointing at the mirror) – stupid. So keep it real guys.

Also, I hope you can forgive me for this little ditty. It’s an altered nursery rhyme done inside a moment’s meltdown during a pet peeve attack:
Three grown men… see how they run.
Why are you so afraid? I thought you wanted to see ghosts. Hey! Wait. Where you going?

Now I know that’s terribly inaccurate, and mean of me. I’ve never seen ALL the guys of Ghost Adventures book from a room like their tails are on fire. I watch Zack Bagans and his crew more than occasionally. His bravado and sensitivity are slightly polar on the show, and I do feel he is a bit of a drama queen – (Love you Zack.) That’s when I have to mute the audio or walk off for a few moments, to ignore what he’s embarrassing himself doing. Guess that shows I care if I’m embarrassed for him. I’ll probably get hate mail for this next one too, but that tough guy image isn’t working when you consider that hair. What’s with that hair? My husband wakes in the morning with that exact “doo”. Is my hubby naturally fashionable? Who needs a stylist? Actually Zack honey, you do. My husband just needs a haircut.

The 8th season of Ghost Hunters is beginning August 16, 2013. I believe more of what I see on these shows than I want to admit to. True of most paranormal shows, viewing it from where we do, it’s hard to know if they’re being honest. We have to evaluate all evidence with that proverbial grain of salt – maybe the entire shaker – and decide for ourselves, since these paranormal events are quite possible. Still, it’s a TV show.

I’d like to mention those classic moments of overt shock on their faces, which can get to look a bit slapstick. Aaron is good for that. He’s just so cute! I guess it’s a result of someone telling him to be more animate in his reactions to what takes place. I can’t see the big guy being so repeatedly surprised at that stuff. Aaron sweetie, tell them to bug off. It’s bad enough you’re made to investigate the creepiest sections alone.

Another paranormal pet peeve is when Nick, with his camera, bolts out of a basement room as a result of a female apparition forming before him. Honestly now, was she that ugly? A moment before he was questioning that spirit. Why the shocked reaction of a novice? Which he is not by what we are led to believe. You were talking to the dead a moment ago. Why so surprised that you got some sort of reply? I was hoping for some compelling video to go with his experience. I don’t remember him catching any. Had the camera gone on the fritz? Not sure…

Me? Yea, I run too, only I’m mostly charging at things, and if they are unfortunate enough to remain, through them. That’s the standard reaction when waking up to one in the room. When I’m awake I’ve no issue with them showing up. Piece a cake. I just don’t like being skulked around when I’m asleep. Guess I have a bad attitude. Forget the excuse of dream paralysis, waking dreams and such, been doing this for decades and I’ve tried every explanation. Not all possible excuses fit all of the time, and then there’s always that nagging acumen that this is for real.

When awake, I’m not sure you’d call my lack of fear to suspect apparitions and their ilk well-balanced, or unbalanced. Jaded – yes, with the exception for one extreme nose to nose encounter with a very solid, taken for alive “apparition,” it’s the accepted norm. Solid ghosties are nothing new to me. Yep – could be crazy, insane – delusional, perhaps – but it’s normal and something that the seven-year-old playing with her snippy scissors never saw coming. A reference to my Gravitar photo. Have a look.
I’ve added ghost photograph section to my site. The photos are unedited.

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One thought on “Ghost Adventures

  1. My biggest pet peeve about this show is how Zack CONSTANTLY uses the word “myself” incorrectly. In fact since he started doing this show, I have noticed that lots of people use the word incorrectly. I hate to play grammar police, but this drives me insane. If you are going to be the narrator of the show, you should at least be able to use proper English.


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